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For most people, Weed and Vegetation Management is not fun. They have to work with materials that they would prefer not to handle. The herbicides and plant growth regulators that we work with are all EPA registered, safe and effective when applied as directed. We have precise measurement and delivery equipment to get the job done right.  

We conduct our operations with safety in mind; limiting exposure to you and our employees is critical.

Weed Management is a part of Integrated Pest Management but has some structural benefits as well

  • Reduction of Damages to Fences and Roads by Growing weed roots
  • Prevention of mosquito Breeding by cut grass from grass cutting operations.
  • Reduction in areas of harborage of Snakes and Rodents
Herbicide Treatment on16th Dec 2015 Showing Thick Live Weeds
Herbicide Treated Planter Box 5 Days after Treatment showing Burn down on 21st Dec 2015
Treatment of Fence Weeds with Herbicide on 16-Dec-2015
Weeds on Fence showing signs of Burn Down 5 days after Treatment on 21-Dec-2015

Extensive weed infestations in a landscape if unmanaged can lead to:

  1. Increase of aesthetic improvement costs
  2. Reduction of plants’ growth and health

Call us today to for an effective solution to your weeds’ problem.

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