Rodent Management Programme

The Rodent Management Programme is a systematic approach for the monitoring and management of rodents.  This programme comprises the monitoring protocols and treatment protocols.

Monitoring Stations

Rodent monitoring stations are placed at entrances to the building, along corridors within common areas.  These will also be placed in areas deemed to be potential harbourage areas for rodent activity. These are used to monitor rodent activity. The glue boards are well protected from rain and disturbance by a red acrylic casing.

Tamper Proof Rodent Bait Stations are bait boxes used to bait rodents with poison rodenticides. This is an effective method for the control of rodent populations. Rodent bait stations are placed ONLY at external areas where rodent activity is present. Due care will be taken to place them away from the reach of children and pets.

The RODENTHOR™ Snap Trap is made from tough ABS plastic with a stainless steel, spring loaded snap mechanism. These traps are durable, simple to bait and easy to clean. A large trip paddle triggers the snapping mechanism which can be set off from just about any angle ensuring a catch no matter how the rodent approaches the unit.

GOODNATURE traps are toxin free. They work by striking the skull of the pest animal with a steel-cored glass reinforced polymer Piston, killing it instantly. This piston is driven by a measured volume of compressed CO2 when the animal triggers the trap. Once the animal has been struck, the Piston returns, dropping the animal to the ground. The smart trap resets immediately.

Rodent detection using Thermal Imaging

All objects with a temperature above absolute zero (- 459ー F) emit infrared radiation, none of which is visible to the naked eye. As an object heats up, it will radiate more and more energy from its surface. The technique for making this invisible radiation visible is called thermal imaging and involves the use of THERMAL  IMAGING CAMERA.

Thermal imaging hugely improves our ability to identify the exact location of rodents – offering a time efficient solution that reduces the damage to both your goods and your reputation. 

Image Above shows presence of rodent behind a cupboard
Presence of rodents detected via thermal imaging

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

  • A cleaner and more effective method of identifying rodent activity
  • Accurate identification where warm blooded pests are within your facility
  • A more targeted approach in placing traps, baits and prevention measures
  • Environmentally friendly approach helps to reduce the use of Toxic Products  to treat rodent infestations

Pest Management Services

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