Approach to Flies Management

Various treatment methods for flying insects are available.  This depends on a variety of factors ranging from location, sensitivity of areas, infestation levels, etc.

  • BAITING is a targeted treatment method that uses food bait mixed with a non-toxic chemical, which attract pests and works through ingestion. For flies, granular fly baits are placed in areas with high flying insect activity. These baits are safe for use within food facilities, dining, and kitchens. Baiting is a more environmentally friendly approach and better-targeted approach.
  • CHEMICAL SPRAYING: This is a treatment method for all flying insects.  The treatment works as a residual contact insecticide and targets flying insects when they rest on the treated surface.  This treatment is carried out at strategic locations externally to create a chemical layer that kills flying insects. 
Flying insect control using insect light traps
Insect light traps are used to monitor flying insect activity within a food facility, i.e. restaurants, kitchens, dining areas, etc. These traps are monitored and glue boards replaced on a monthly basis.

The light traps used incorporate glue boards that trap the insects attracted. This is important because different fly species can be determined and source reduction and pest elimination recommendations can be given to the client. These glue board models are also more hygienic compared to the electrocutors because they do not fragment the fly body parts (this can lead to contamination if the fly parts fall onto the food).

MAJOR’s carry a range of Insect light traps that will cater to your every need. Whether it is a production kitchen or a five star dining, we have the design and the lights that will suit any décor and ambience.

Below are some of our light trap models to suit your individual needs.

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