Dust Mite Management
Dust mite allergy is one of the most common allergies all around the world. Unfortunately, in squeaky clean countries like Singapore, people are more prone to dust mite allergies and dust mite induced asthma.

Why are we allergic to dust mites?

The excreta of dust mites contain a type of protein to which the human skin is quite sensitive. The body regards this protein as an antigen and therefore reacts to it in a violent way.

A brief exposure to these dust mites may leave you with more than just a passing bout of sneezing.

Affected by recurrent allergies, sneezing in the mornings, red-eye, recurring skin rashes or asthma? You are most likely affected by dust mites and it’s excretions. Do you know that even though you do not see dust or dirt on the mattress surface, it might be the most dusty item in your home as many good mattresses lasts for as long as 30 years and does not receive the same kind of attention our table tops, bathrooms or floors gets as it is covered under bed spreads all the time! As dust build up, an ideal environment is created for dust mites to thrive, feeding on your skin flakes / skin cells. Dust mites thrive in mattresses, pillows, inside of sofas and even carpets and rugs!

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