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Mission Statement
Our mission is to protect you, your family and your valuable assets with highly trained pest management professionals. We undertake to keep abreast of the latest pest management techniques, equipment and chemicals to ensure that you get the very best at all times. Our primary concern will be safety and care of all personnel and the environment during the execution of our tasks.
Our Corporate Commitment

To provide quality services at all times that ensures the customer's interest first. Every action will be taken to create an environment where each and every staff will want to give their best at all times. The Company undertakes to take care and keep the staff relevant and reward accordingly each and every deserving staff. A clear career development plan is in place to provide growth and security for all levels of staff.


MAJOR's areas of specialization include: General Pest Management, Vector Control, Mosquito Control, Termite Eradication Solutions through Soil Treatment and Baiting and Design of Sustainable Pest Management Programmes

Services provided by MAJOR's Pest Management include:

  1. Subterranean Termite Inspection & Treatment, Cockroach Management Systems
  2. Rodent Baiting and Trapping - both on Micro and Macro scales, Common Ants, Bees, Hornets & flies
  3. Spraying, Flying Insect Management Programme using  Insect Light Traps
    (coupled with bio monitoring and maintenance),
  4. Biological Mosquito management for building sites and houses.
  6. Consultancy and design of respective Specific  Pest Management Programmes
  7. Fumigation with Methyl Bromide,Hydrogen Phosphide and Hydrogen Cyanide Gases
  8. Identification of Pests and Entomology Services to professionally eradicate the problems.
  9. Flea Management, Ticks Management, Disinfectant Services, Dust mite Management, Weed Management, Bees, Hornets and Wasps Management

Awards and Accreditation

Major's is an ISO 9001 Certified Company and therefore, you can expect us to provide and maintain the Administrative standards expected by the end-users. We handle small and big jobs and this is why our company is registered for L3 ($3 million revenue requirement) with the Building and Construction Authority. This shows that we have the infrastructure and the means to handle any pest management job in Singapore. To ensure that this is not all talk, Major's is an accredited National Skills Recognition Services (NSRS) Company. What this means is that at least 75% of our Field Staff have passed the 2 practical modules of the competency based NSRS Course for Pest Management Services. This will ensure that our men are trained in the proper use of equipment and chemical to make sure you are in safe hands. We have also successfully attained OHSAS 18001 Certification. This ensures our clients that we conform to very high Safety Standards.
Major’s Pest Management System (MPMS)
Real Time Service Reporting & Operations System which provides Integrated Operational Flow between front and backend administration. Clients will enjoy Real Time Reporting for Services done with efficient Admin Support with Real Time Tracking on Treatment done and current Pest Status.

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